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Getting a Pallet for Delivery

 If you need a pallet for your delivery then you can book a pallet and wrap service through us. This option will be provided during your checkout experience providing it's available in your area. We require 24 hours notice for this service to be sure to book in advance. Please also see full restrictions on the wrap service detailed in our Knowledge Base.

If you would like to buy a pallet yourself then you can look locally at stores like B&Q or other good DIY stores. Alternatively you can look online. It's best to have a 4 way pallet to allow access on each side. You should also get a pallet that is 1.2 metres by 1 metre for a standard UK pallet size.

We have compiled a short list of websites that you can buy a pallets from online. Please understand that we are in no way affiliated with any of these companies.

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