Engine & Motor Pallet Delivery

There are a number of steps that would need to be followed when shipping an engine through our pallet network. Please read the information below carefully before booking your engine pallet delivery.

Stage 1: Cleaning & Draining Fluids

Very Important - Please ensure the engine is clean with all liquids (including water) drained from the engine prior to collection. Leakage would also need to be prevented. You can wrap the engine in an absorbent material.

Stage 2: Securing the Engine

The engine will need to be placed in the middle of the pallet. Materials such as bubble wrap and ratchet straps can be used which will help to protect and secure the engine. The pallet will need to be wrapped and strapped to ensure the engine can be moved safely and securely.

We would advise that there is at least 3 inches of excess pallet around the engine, this is incase of any movement whilst in transit. This will also stop the engine from overhanging. If the engine overhangs you will be charged for an additional pallet space.

With these collection and deliveries, your goods will need to be stabilised to stop them from tipping or moving. This will also help to prevent damage whilst in transit.

Stage 3: Final Steps to Prepare for Pallet Delivery

When sending your engine, the pallet base will need to be strong enough to support the load and with all of our pallet delivery services. Collection and delivery must be made from and to hard-standing ground.

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