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Pallet Requirement for Collections & Deliveries

We are a pallet delivery service. All goods transported via Pallet Online must be securely placed on a pallet. Many items can be put onto pallets and you may find yourself putting items such as domestic appliances to car spares or furniture. You can fit even more onto a pallet delivery for us to take to your chosen destination. 

You will be given a maximum of 15 minutes to pack and secure your goods onto a pallet once our driver has arrived. Due to health and safety plus liability, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are on the pallet. Our driver cannot place goods onto a pallet and cannot help or assist in the packing of your pallet unless a pallet and wrap service is booked. Please ensure that large and heavy items are fully secured to the pallet with either ratchet straps or another method of strapping to ensure they are safe and secure during their journey.

We cannot supply empty pallets for the delivery of engines or house moves. These items must be pre-palletised before our driver arrives for collection.

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